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Health and Wellness at Work

A healthy employee is a happy and productive employee, which should be a goal for every organization. Through our Health and Wellness at Work program your participants will experience the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and workplace.

Online Course / Classroom Training



Our Health and Wellness at Work course will be instrumental in creating a “Culture of Wellness” within your organization. Your participants will touch on common issues such as smoking cessation, nutrition, weight loss, and preventative care. Health and Wellness is the responsibility of everyone in an organization so take the positive step and create a program within your organization.

Health and Wellness at Work > Course Outline:

Housekeeping Items
The Parking Lot
Workshop Objectives

What is a Health and Wellness Program?
Cost of Health Care
Costs of Absenteeism
Case Study
Module Two: Review Questions

Health Behaviors
Health Screenings and Maintenance
Mental Health
Physical Injuries
Case Study
Module Three: Review Questions

Increasing Physical Activity
Nutrition & Weight Loss
Tobacco Cessation
Substance Abuse Treatment
Case Study
Module Four: Review Questions

Preventative Care Screenings
Cancer Screenings
Annual Examinations
Maintenance Programs
Case Study
Module Five: Review Questions

Stress Management
Support Groups
Awareness & Education
Case Study
Module Six: Review Questions

Review Current Health and Wellness Programs
Environmental Factors
Identify Common Health Conditions and Procedures
Review Company Information Pertaining to Employee Health
Case Study
Module Seven: Review Questions

Form a Health and Wellness Team or Committee
Define Goals
Programs and Policies
Case Study
Module Eight: Review Questions

Get Management Support
Test It
Get the Word Out
Case Study
Module Nine: Review Questions

Accessible Healthy Eating Options
Give Them a Break
Alcohol, Drug, and Smoke Free Work environment
Eliminate Hazards
Case Study
Module Ten: Review Questions

Check the Results
Employee Satisfaction
Share Achievements
Revise Plans as Necessary
Case Study
Module Eleven: Review Questions

Words from the Wise
Review of Parking Lot
Lessons Learned
Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations


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