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Food Hygiene

Course Description: This is a non-approved course focused on imparting the skill of cooking not only healthy foods but maintaining a high standard of Hygiene. Hygiene is not only required in the galley, but also our food stores, fridges, walk-in freezers, and other areas where we prepare, serve and store food. This course digs deeper into some of the common hygiene errors. Starting with personal Hygiene and working our way through the stowage and care of food stores. Shelf life, bacteria growth and cleaning routines are just of a couple of the topics we cover during this course. After all what comes out of the galley affects our entire ship.

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Topics include cooking, store, stores management and surface preparation. We also focus on personal hygiene, cooking hygiene, and safety in the kitchen. This is a must for every cook.

Learning Objectives: To instil basic Hygiene principals in the everyday life of being a cook onboard a ship.

  • Personal and food hygiene
  • General galley safety
  • Stock control
  • Disposal of garbage

Duration: 3-5 Days

Entry Requirements: None

Additional Requirements: A fully equipped galley is available to assist with the practical component.

Accreditation: Not Accredited


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